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Thank for for taking intrest in submitting a freebie to FreeWorldz! To submit your freebie, please send an email to [email protected] containing the following information:
  • Name (The name of the freebie)
  • URL (The web address of the freebie)
  • Description (A brief description as to what the freebie is)
  • Long Description (A longer version of the description, the long description may contain basic HTML and can potentially be unlimited in length.)

Please be aware that we can't place any affiliate links into the directory, and we refuse to accept submissions for sites which involve any illegal activity, hate messages, pornographic material, etc... After all, this is a family site :o).

Although it is not required for acceptance into the directory, we appreciate seeing reciprocal links to FreeWorldz, and tend to place higher priority on sites which have taken the time to link to

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